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Art on the Trail in Brunswick County

Brunswick High School Art Students

On April 19th, just days before Earth Day, eighteen Brunswick High School art students took to the outdoors on a field trip to the Tobacco Heritage Trail in Lawrenceville, VA. Their art teacher, Shari Mason, prepared them in the weeks before by having the students sit outside at school and draw scenes from nature. She said that some of the students had come far in their artistic ability.

Forecasts of rain postponed this event once and threatened to do so again, but it turned out to be a beautiful cloud covered day, perfect for walking the trail and being inspired to create works of art. The morning of the event students sallied forth armed with drawing boards, pastels and their sense of creativity.

Some students sat on wooden bridges with views of the creeks; others chose inspiration from Spring blossoms and the bark of trees while others continued to wander the trail looking for just the right spot.

It was a day of art and education as Trail Volunteer and Tourism Coordinator, Heather Susee, walked with Ms. Mason and students pointing out interesting vegetation like fiddle head ferns, lamb’s ear and poison ivy. Several of the students had new experiences touching the soft leaves of the lamb’s ear or holding an inch worm for the first time.

Several drawings will be chosen to go on display at the Lawrenceville Public Library. Please visit the website Scrapbook for more photographs of this event.

Art on the Trail Brunswick High School

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