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Trail Permits

Unless properly managed, some allowed trail uses may present a concern for the health, safety, and welfare of trail users and/or the general public. The RRRT has developed the following Trail Use Permit process to manage these activities. The process, procedures, roles and responsibilities for managing these uses are outlined in the following:

A. Uses and Activities Requiring a Trail Use Permit

The following activities will require a Trail Use Permit issued by RRRT.

  1. New access or upgrades to existing access – roads, driveways, farm use
  2. Easements – under or above ground utilities; parking
  3. Crossing for timber harvesting or farming
  4. Hunting – access to lands adjacent to the trail for hunting and/or use of motorized vehicles to retrieve and release dogs
  5. The use of horse-drawn wagons drawn by a team of 4 horses or larger
  6. The use of motorized vehicles, other than those used for emergency response or police patrol, to support special trail events such as trail or bicycle rides involving a significant number of participants
  7. Horse rides, bicycle rides, runs or other activities open to the general public, or involving a significant number of participants, or for which a fee is charged
  8. Any other uses not specifically allowed by use or special exception will be considered case-by-case

B. Conditions of a Trail Use Permit

Prior to trail use, the applicant must conduct an inspection of the trail and notify RRRT of anything considered hazardous for the safety of all participants. The Tobacco Heritage Trail must be returned to the same or better condition after the conclusion of trail use.

C. Application Fee

There is no cost associated with applying for a Trail Use Permit.

Download an Application for Trail Use Permit here or contact the Trail Coordinator for a Permit Application. Completed applications can be emailed to or mailed to 200 S. Mecklenburg Ave South Hill, VA 23970.

*Permits may be revoked if conditions of the permit are violated.