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Cabot Community Tour on the Tobacco Heritage Trail

Cabot Community Tour on the Tobacco Heritage Trail

If you don’t already know, there is a bike trail in the development stages, that is called the Eastcoast Greenway. This trail (the ECG) will stretch from Callais, Maine, to Key West, Florida and the Tobacco Heritage Trail is part of that route! Two cyclists from Cabot Creamery in Vermont are cycling from Jacksonville, Florida to New York, New York starting May 17! When they ride through our area we’d like to welcome them and send them off with fanfare and good southern hospitality!

As the cyclists ride from Clarksville into South Hill, we’d like our local cyclists to join them and bring them into town. As they leave the next day we invite you to accompany them along our newest beautiful section of trail from La Crosse to Lawrenceville! Here are the details of your two options:

June 4: 1:00 pm

Meet on Busy Bee Rd where it intersects with Hwy 58. Ride 10 miles along Busy Bee, Gordon Lake and Plank Roads to Horseshoe Restaurant for lunch. Approximately, 1 hour one direction. Recommended for more experienced cyclists.


June 5: 8:00 am

Meet at Fairfield Inn. Ride 18.5 miles along Cycle Ln and High St to the Tobacco Heritage Trail all the way to Lawrenceville! Approximately, 2 hours one direction. The first 6 miles are paved and difficulty level is very low.


*The Cabot cyclists are biking about 9mph (a moderate rate).

*For bike transportation and pick up you are on your own.

*Please RSVP to if you can participate in either of these options. We’d like to get a head count for June 4 to let the Horseshoe know how many are coming. We’d love to see a lot of people participate!

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