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Lawrenceville Tobacco Heritage Trail

Students Sketch on the Wooden Bridge of the Lawrenceville trail

Tree Sketch Tobacco Heritage Trail

A Student’s Sketch of a Tree from the Lawrenceville trail

Education took a promenade on the Tobacco Heritage Trail this past school year. In April, Brunswick High School art students took a field trip to the trail in Lawrenceville to use the Tobacco Heritage Trail as their muse.  Teacher, Shari Mason, prepared them by conducting art classes on school grounds weeks before the students hit the trail for their final project.  Using pastels, the students sketched scenes of the wooden bridges, trees, and flowers.  The students’ finished artwork is on display in the Brunswick County Public Library in Lawrenceville for the duration of the summer.

In May, La Crosse Elementary School finished up their school year with a special assembly about the Tobacco Heritage Trail. Trail Coordinator, Heather Susee, road her bicycle onto the school stage and invited the children to go on an adventure to the trail with her. She brought with her several “show and tell” items from the Tobacco Heritage Trail and asked volunteers to join her on stage and identify the items by touch, smell and sight. Items included honeysuckle, wild onions, Sweet Gum balls, mossy bark and other types of plants.

Nature Bracelets - Tobacco Heritage Day at La Crosse Elementary

Students display their Nature Bracelet creations

Students learned about the history of the rail-trail, types of plants and animals that can be seen on the trail, and the consequences of littering. They also participated in a “Dress the Hiker” relay race, a playground scavenger hunt, and a nature bracelet craft.


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