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Lawrenceville, VA

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Lawrenceville to Brodnax ~ Round trip 28.4 milesprinter friendly version

La Crosse to Lawrenceville Map

Featured with wooden footbridges, leaf covered ravines and mossy rocks, it’s no wonder why one trail user commented about the Lawrenceville trail section, “this looks like the place where stories begin!” Whether your tale is a family adventure, a fairytale engagement or a personal triumph, we hope you will visit Lawrenceville to create your very own story.

  • Park at South Street, Lawrenceville, VA 23868.
  • This path winds slowly upward and is a good work out, but is smooth sailing on the way back.
  • When you plan to make a trip to the Lawrenceville section, plan to pack a picnic! There are some lovely wooded spots along the trail with picnic tables for a sandwich al fresco.
  • During the first leg of your journey you will see an open field with a red caboose and stalls. This is what is left of railway which used to run along the path the Tobacco Heritage Trail now occupies.
  • Pass on through the town of Lawrenceville west towards Brodnax and the domestic surroundings give way to the untamed forest. The first bridge greets you with an informational sign about tobacco farming history in Southern Virginia.  It explains the namesake of the Tobacco Heritage Trail.
  • Expect to see more bridges, wild mushrooms and colorful flowers dotting the brown leaf covered landscape. Keep your eyes open for deer, squirrels and butterflies.
  • This surface is a smooth compacted crushed stone and is easily walkable for families and those unaccustomed to hiking.
  • For cyclists, tires 35mm and wider suggested.
  • You can also take advantage of the amenities along this trail segment which include benches, picnic tables, horse mounting benches and hitching posts and four solar powered restrooms.
  • While in Lawrenceville you may like to eat lunch at the Clubhouse Grill, a supporter of the THT! Or try one of the down town restaurants and explore the antique and thrift stores or the Brunswick Museum and Historical Society.
  • Or plan a trip to the Lawrenceville trail during their annual Taste of Brunswick Festival to sample a variety of famous Brunswick Stew recipes.

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Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails Representative: CJ Dean