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Boy Scouts Consider Access Point Where Trail Crosses Meherrin

Meherrin River Access

Locals using a ladder to access the Meherrin River

Locals enjoy canoeing and kayaking the Meherrin River. They know the places to put in and take out are at “Dad’s house” or “that church member’s property”, but where do you enter or exit unless you know someone who will let you use their private land? Officials in Mecklenburg and Brunswick Counties have been working together to create a system of access points along the Meherrin River which was designated as a Scenic River by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

The crossing of the Tobacco Heritage Trail over the river is an ideal location for a rest area. Just feet away from the river are brand new picnic tables, benches, interpretive signage and a solar powered restroom. A Boy Scout troop in Kenbridge, VA is considering taking on the project. With water heights that can fluctuate, as the video from December 30th shows, it is not going to be an easy project. Scout Leader, Todd Wilson, surveyed the proposed access point and discussed the need for a durable structure to withstand time and tempestuous river conditions.

If you have land along the Meherrin River and would be willing to permit public access, please contact Project Coordinator Robyn Fowler by phone (434) 447-7101, or by email


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