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Tobacco Heritage Trail 101

Mecklenburg County Public School teacher on the Tobacco Heritage TrailOn May 27th 45 Mecklenburg County Public School teachers participated in a “project slice” for one of their Professional Development days. They were presented with an Essential Question, “How can the trail be used to strengthen our community?” Then they visited the trail to conduct some on-site research. At 10:00 a.m. the teachers rolled up to Evans Creek Rd Trailhead in a big yellow school bus. It was the teachers’ turn to go on a field trip. They were met by Trail Coordinator, Heather Susee, who gave them a tour of the trail and a presentation on the history, progress and future of the THT. As the teachers ambled down the trail towards the Meherrin River Bridge, Susee also spoke to them about the potential for economic impact that the trail has on the community, student projects, needs of the trail and use of geocaching in tourism. The group enjoyed exploring the trail, posing for pictures on the bridge and having the opportunity to get outdoors.

After the tour, the teachers returned to school to put together a presentation or project using the Essential Question as a guide and the information they learned while visiting the trail. Some of the ideas the teachers came up with are:

  • scavenger hunt for students
  • creating geocaching
  • creating a pamphlet for advertising
  • community involvement (volunteers)
  • partnerships with students volunteering
  • study of water life in the Meherrin River
  • leaf identification project


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