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Volunteers Pick up Litter on the THT in La Crosse

Volunteers Pick up Litter on the THT in La Crosse

The Tobacco Heritage Trail is a non-profit organization which depends on grant money for land acquisition and construction. Volunteers, therefore, play an important role in the functioning of the THT.

The greatest volunteer need is for trail maintenance. The primary duties and obligations are as follows:

  • Prior to undertaking any activities, the Maintenance Volunteer must complete and sign a Maintenance Agreement that specifies work to be completed, location and times of activities. Typical activities include light maintenance work, such as litter pickup, mowing, brush control, cutting, trimming, planting, maintaining vegetation, leveling of the trail area and minor repairs of signs, trail markers, kiosks and other trail facilities.
  • Each participant must read and sign a Volunteer Liability Waiver and Safety Checklist.
  • The Maintenance Volunteer is responsible for providing a first aid kit, mobile phone, and adequate drinking water during trail activities.
  • Hand tools and other required materials will be provided by the Maintenance Volunteer.
  • The Maintenance Agreement may be cancelled at any time by the Maintenance Volunteer or Roanoke River Rails-to-Trails, Inc., with 30 days written notice to the other party. The agreement is renewable as long as the Maintenance Volunteer has functioned in accordance with the previous agreement.

The Maintenance Volunteer will be responsible for tracking hours, maintaining a volunteer log, filing volunteer waiver forms, and reporting the accomplishments of each volunteer activity.

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  • Chris Woofter
  • Steve Woofter
  • Gary Turner
  • Nancy Watson
  • Neeley Bersch
  • Eddie Hall
  • Tom & Carol Corker