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Trail Maps

To Access the Webmap

Use this link to open the webmap to the default 5-county area: Tobacco Heritage Trail Webmap (opens in new window)


Click on a trail section in the map below (blue boxes) to open the webmap focused on that section of trail.

NOTE: Links on the map below do not work on phone browsers. Use the link above for the default view.

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About the Webmap

The webmap of the Tobacco Heritage Trail shows information about the trail, including the following:

Trailheads – These locations are main entry points for the trail. Typically they offer large parking areas and may contain amenities such as restrooms and picnic tables. Clicking on the trailhead point or area on the map will bring up information about that trailhead, including its address (with link to Google Maps for navigation), milepost (see below for information about mileposts), and information about parking and trailer parking. A picture may also be attached.

Access Points – Locations to access the trail that typically do not include parking areas. Click on the access point to reveal its address (with link to Google Maps for navigation) and milepost information (see below for information about mileposts). A picture may also be attached.

Trail route – shows the route of the trail. Click the trail segment to learn about the surface, length, opened/closed status, whether it is off-road/on-road, and other information.

Access Road/Path – In some places, there is an access path or road needed to get to the trail from a nearby road or restroom. Click for information including length.

Other Trail Destinations – Points on the trail that serve as a destination on their own. Currently this includes the overlooks at the Meherrin and Dan Rivers.

Local trail – A non-THT trail located near the Tobacco Heritage Trail that users may want to explore (currently only in Victoria)

Other Information – This map will display important information as needed, such as trail closings.

The webmap allows you to turn layers on and off, change the background basemap (options include aerial photo, topo map, street map, and more), use measuring tools to estimate distance or area, zoom to specific areas using bookmarks, print basic maps, and share the map to others. For more information, see the Help Document.


About Mileposts on the Webmap

On the webmap, Trailheads and Access Points are given Milepost numbers, to help you gauge distances along the trail. Since the current Tobacco Heritage Trail is utilizing three railroad right-of-ways that do not easily intersect or correspond with each other, there are several sets of milepost numbering systems designated by letters. They are as follows:

A – From Lawrenceville westward to South Hill: This section of the trail follows the abandoned Atlantic & Danville Railway that later became the Norfolk, Franklin, and Danville Railway, then Norfolk & Western Railway (NS). Milepost zero is located at Brooks Crossing just east of Lawrenceville, but the segment between there and South Street (MP 1.7) has not been constructed yet. The segment currently being constructed in Boydton is also on this abandoned right-of-way, and as such carries milepost numbers in the same sequence.

S South Boston: Milepost numbering of this section starts at zero the Cotton Mill Park trailhead, in a generally westward direction. It follows what was once the Richmond & Danville Railroad, that later became the Southern Railway and then a part of Norfolk Southern.

VVictoria: Milepost numbering starts further east of Victoria, in anticipation of future trails being built along this abandoned right-of-way. Nearer to Victoria, the first milepost you can access is 37.7 on Twin Cemetery Rd, and it progresses to MP 39.6 in the Town of Victoria. This trail is built on the former Virginian Railway which later became a part of the Norfolk & Western (NS.)

CClarkton Bridge: This is a short section of trail that follows a former road that was closed for traffic when the Clarkton Bridge was deemed unsafe. For more information on the Historic Clarkton Bridge, visit

Brodnax to La Crosse Lawrenceville to Brodnax Boydton Victoria Clarkton Bridge South Boston South Hill to Chase City La Crosse to South Hill